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Usability - UX - Making it easier to use

Usability Partners offers specialist knowledge, tools and methods to improve the ease of use of interactive products and systems.

Optimise user experience, increase productivity and sales. Know your users!

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Prototype tests of Cision's web-based service

"Feedback from the tests was very concrete and gave us a list of changes that significantly increased the usability of our service."
- Tomas Andersson, Vice President Product Management


Our services

Planning and process

Planning & process

Guidance on what user-centred activities to conduct when during development, to ensure good usability and an optimal user experience.

User requirements analysis

User requirements analysis

Gathering and analysing user requirements in order to understand and prioritise content and functionality needed in the user interface.

Interaction design

Interaction design

Design concepts and prototypes to illustrate overall interface layout, functionality and usage flow, and support to designers / developers.

Usability and UX testing

Usability & UX testing

Independent usability and user experience evaluation - from short informal tests and expert reviews, to large international user studies.

Also eye tracking, user surveys, accessibility testing and seminars/courses