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Sonja Kovalevskys gata 11
Sonja Kovalevskys gata 11

The Usability Partners office is situated on the 1st floor of Sonja Kovalevskys Gata number 11.

The office is in a new building named "Haga Nova" which is at the heart of Stockholm's "Hagastaden" (a new area to the north of Stockholm city centre - more information can be found on the Hagastaden website).

The layout/room design (in particular the usability labs) were to built to our specifications. The office has large windows with panoramic views to the north (over what will become Norra Station's park).

In terms of location/communications, the office is situated close to the main E4 motorway and a variety of public transport services - visit our contact information page for more information about how to find us.

Coffee break area

Picture of coffee break area with table, chairs, and view out from large window.

Office area

Picture of office area with desks.

Large usability lab (meeting/focus group configuration)

Picture of large usability lab with one-way glass and meeting table.

Observation room to large usability lab

Picture of observation room with monitors and view through one-way glass.

Small usability lab (workshop configuration)

Picture of small usability lab small meeting table.